American Prosperity Group
Exton, Pennsylvania

Stewart I. Jaffe

Retirement & Estate Planning Specialist

This information is intended for use only by residents of PA, NJ & CA. Securities-related services may not be provided to individuals residing in any state not listed above.  Insurance-related services may not be provided to individuals residing in any states other than PA, NJ & CA.   Securities and Advisory Services through United Planners Financial Services Member:  FINRA, SIPC.  APG and United Planners are not affiliated.  This APG office is independently owned and operated.

Thank you for visiting APG of Exton, PA.  As is true with all APG Representatives, my practice is exclusively focused on retirement, estate, and long-term care planning.  My single purpose is to educate you on what I consider one of the best retirement and estate planning strategies available in the industry today, and then develop and implement financial plans and programs that allow you to safely grow and protect your hard-earned savings, as well as turn those savings into a reliable income stream for the rest of your life when you retire.  In addition, we'll work closely together to develop comprehensive estate plans that will efficiently transfer your estate to your heirs in a manner that satisfies your wishes, saves time, reduces costs, minimizes taxes and maximizes the size of the estate that you ultimately pass on to the family members and/or charities of your choice.

Do you have a relationship with a retirement planning professional, an expert in the fields of retirement, estate planning and long-term-care?  If not, why not?  Could it be you feel that it’s too expensive or that your portfolio or estate isn’t large enough?  Not any more!  Finally an opportunity exists to establish a relationship with an expert in the areas of retirement and estate planning that can help you prepare for your financial future with no minimum net-worth requirement and never any fees for our consultations!  Instead, we provide you unlimited, free consultations where we get to know you and your unique circumstances.  We will share ideas and information with you and, after making recommendations and discussing:

  • The positive attributes and negative characteristics of any investment product discussed
  • All fees, expenses, or charges for acquisition, on-going maintenance and surrender
  • A comparison to the plans and programs already implemented or contemplated by you

We will then deliver the brochures and/or prospectuses to you (if applicable) of any products mentioned during this meeting for further study and research. You will then have ample time to decide if your APG Representative's recommendations make sense, and when you are comfortable we will implement these plans and programs where appropriate that we believe represents major upgrades to your existing retirement and estate plans.

Preparing for or living in retirement can often be a stressful and uncertain time.  My ultimate mission is to create peace of mind and confidence for my clients, and to become their financial friend and trusted advisor for life.

Please take some time to explore this website for more information on my services and to take advantage of the valuable free educational resources available in our "Learning Center".  In addition, you will not want to miss one of my live educational workshops so please take a look at our upcoming workshop schedule.

Once you've spent some time learning about APG and what we do, I welcome you to contact me so we can develop and put into action a comprehensive plan that is customized to your unique situation, circumstances, goals and desires.

This APG office is independently owned and operated.