How We Work With Clients

At AMERICAN PROSPERITY GROUP we never charge you a fee for our time, nor do we require you to commit to any fee-based, wrap account or managed money arrangement as is common in our industry.

Instead, we provide you unlimited, free consultations where we get to know you and your unique circumstances.  We will share ideas and information with you and, after making recommendations and discussing:

  • The positive attributes and negative characteristics of any investment product discussed
  • All fees, expenses, or charges for acquisition, on-going maintenance and surrender
  • A comparison to the plans and programs already implemented or contemplated by you

We will then deliver the brochures and/or prospectuses to you (if applicable) of any products mentioned during this meeting for further study and research. You will then have ample time to decide if your APG Representative's recommendations make sense, and when you are comfortable we will implement these plans and programs where appropriate that we believe represents major upgrades to your existing retirement and estate plans.

In this arrangement, you as the client have ultimate veto power to say no to any of our recommendations with no resulting cost, obligation or commitment.  Only when you have firmly decided that our recommendations are in fact an upgrade and in your best interest will they be implemented.  The companies selected to manage or protect your portfolio, compensate me directly with no additional compensation from you, my client, at any time!

Since there are no fees for our consultations, the decision to come meet with us is an easy choice.