The APG Philosophy

Because Everyone Can Benefit From
The Financial Planning Process


 Maximize your income today while protecting, preserving
and perpetuating your wealth for tomorrow.®


American Prosperity Group was founded by Mark E. Charnet in 2003 after 25 years of experience & phenomenal success in the Retirement & Estate Planning industry.  Mr. Charnet believes that "everyone can benefit from the financial planning process."

The Financial Services Client of today demands and deserves to be educated, enlightened, informed and motivated before investing in any financial product, program or company.  Long gone are the days when an agent's pitch of "trust me" was enough.  Client loyalty and trust are the financial planner's greatest asset, which the APG Representative strives to gain and retain.

APG Representatives do not charge their clients hourly fees; nor do we bind our clients with fee-based contractual obligations.  Instead, we provide unlimited consultations where we collect data, share ideas and information, leading to the choice, creation and implementation of financial plans and programs that best benefit our clientele and their families. At this time in the recommendation process, certain products will be discussed including their positive attributes, negative characteristics if any, fees, expenses or charges for acquisition, on-going maintenance and surrender, including a comparison to the plans and programs already implemented or contemplated by the retirement and estate planning prospect. For every product discussed, specific company brochures and or prospectuses if applicable will be given to the prospective client in order to take with them for further study and research before being asked to make a purchase at a succeeding appointment.

This Arrangement, we believe, gives our clients ultimate control, understanding and veto power without any financial obligation or commitment.  Once firmly decided that APG recommendations are in their best interest, the client's choice of companies selected for investment and product purchase, will compensate the APG Representative directly.

The APG Credo:  The APG Retirement & Estate Planning Specialist brings to the table his unwavering, unparalleled, non-shakable belief and conviction that what APG does for our clients is absolutely the finest opportunity or solution to their particular situation or problem without exception!